Charcoal / Smoking wood

Barbecuing with your kamado is even more fun with good charcoal and smoking wood! Cheap charcoal often consists of small pieces that burn up quickly. As a result, although it is lit quickly, you can often refill charcoal several times during a somewhat longer barbecue session. Good charcoal is often characterized by larger pieces. The hardness of this charcoal varies and defines whether it is more suitable for hot&fast preparations or low&slow. In addition, some charcoals also give off a more distinctive smoke flavor than others. However, if you want to play with smoke flavors even more, choose to add smoke wood to your coals. Allesvoorkamado only sells top quality charcoal and smoking wood from the best brands and in the tastiest flavors!

What smoking wood should I have?

Smoking wood comes in different types and flavors. You can combine the flavors of the smoking wood with the type of dish you are making. You have to pay attention to what kind of smoking wood you use here. This comes in 4 types:

Smoke chips: these are small chips that can be added either through the “chip feeder” in your kamado, or by placing a smoker box between your charcoals.
Smoke chunks: these are larger cubes of smoking wood that do not burn as quickly and therefore give off smoke to your dish longer.
Smoke Dust: You can add this to a “snake,” or spiral cold smoke generator. this is used for cold smoking. Perfect for smoking cheeses, butter and more.
Smoking boards: you mainly put fish like salmon on these and place them on your grill. This gives you a wonderful smoky flavor to your food.

The best brands

At Kamado Essentials you will only find charcoal and smoking wood from the best brands. Think Black Ranch, Smokey Goodness and Smokin’ Flavors. If you would like advice feel free to contact