Barbecuing is delicious and can be done anytime! For this the right charcoal is essential. After purchasing the barbecue, a new world opens up to you. I too noticed this after purchasing my kamado: the world of charcoal, briquettes and starters. But where do you start? The selection is enormous, and for the starting barbecue enthusiast this can be overwhelming. Often I hear, “charcoal is charcoal, right? I just go for the cheapest option”. However, there are definitely big differences in the types of charcoal! This difference is in both the quality of the wood, the way it is produced and also what type of barbecue session it is suitable for. Only with good coals can you get the very best out of your barbecue.

All the best charcoal in one place

Allesvoorkamado offers several different types of charcoal, perfect for the all different types of bbq sessions.

  • Acacia: A ‘softer’ type of charcoal which is easy to light and is perfect for hot&fast bbq sessions. Acacia charcoal burns up to around 4 hours.
  • Marabu: The perfect middle-of-the-road type of charcoal. Marabu charcoal consists of typical round branches instead of common lumps, which it gets from the Marabu bushes it is made of. This type of charcoal burns up to around 8 hours and can be used for hot&fast as well as low&slow sessions.
  • Quebracho: This is the hardest type of charcoal in our assortment. Quebracho charcoal is made of ‘Quebracho’ wood, which literally translates to ‘axe breaker’, a fitting name for the hardness of this wood. Because it is created from such hard wood, it is a bit more difficult to light. But when it is lit, it can burn up to 24 hours! Perfect for low&slow sessions.
  • Binchotan: Binchotan charcoal is the most ‘pure’ type of charcoal in our assortment. This means that it has a very high carbon percentage and can burn at a very high temperature while releasing very little smoke. This type of charcoal is best used in hibachi grills.

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