Noskos’ BBQ rubs and BBQ sauce have already become household names in the Dutch barbecue world. The Noskos rubs and sauce were developed by barbecue expert Dennis van Koutrik, who in his blog is only too happy to make all his followers salivate with all the delicious things he prepares on the barbecue. From this passion for barbecue, he created the Noskos line so that you too can easily add these delicious flavors to your dishes at home. The rubs and barbecue sauce are matched to perfection with all types of meat, fish and vegetables and are guaranteed to take your dish to the next level.

Noskos rubs for all preparations

At Kamado Essentials, we carry all types of rubs and Noskos’ barbecue sauce. These can be ordered separately or as a set with everything in a bundle. This involves the following types of rubs:

  • Noskos The Chicken Rub: Delicious with chicken, but also with lamb, fish or potatoes
  • Noskos The Beef Rub: Delicious with all types of beef
  • Noskos Pulled Pork Rub: Delicious on pork shoulder, Boston Butt or Procureur
  • Noskos The Jerk Rub: Delicious with chicken and pork
  • Noskos The Spareribs Rub: For the tastiest spareribs!
  • Noskos The Steak Rub: Delicious with all types of steaks

The Noskos BBQ sauce comes out perfectly on spare ribs, pulled pork, chicken or sausage, but certainly doesn’t look out of place on a burger or next to a plate of fries either!

Perfect in combination with smoke wood

Most dishes become even more delicious when you add smoke wood to the coals. Depending on the type of smoking wood, you can add even more flavor to a meat. At Kamado Essentials we have a wide range of smoke chunks, smoke chips, smoke dust and smoking boards. Combining the right smoking wood with the tastiest rubs and sauce will have you putting top dishes on the table in no time!