BBQ rubs

A BBQ rub or dry rub is a spicy powder that you sprinkle over your dish before grilling. BBQ rubs are formulated with spices from around the world to add the most delicious flavors to your dish. It compliments your dish by enhancing certain flavors or, on the contrary, creates an additional flavor tone such as extra spice, freshness or smoke flavor, for example. The BBQ rubs can be added shortly before preparation to create a crust or longer in advance to allow the flavor of the rub to be absorbed into the dish, for example spareribs or pulled pork, which can be rubbed up to one night before preparation.

Different brands of BBQ rubs

Noskos’ s rubs have specific uses per dish, No Rubbish‘s rubs, Rock’N’Rubs and the Rub Club are more all-round rubs but with surprising flavors! A rub can burn at too high temperatures – so when cooking high & fast, like a rubbed steak, make sure your dish is only directly over your coals for a short time! Would you like an even cooking as well as beautiful grill stripes when cooking? Then be sure to look for a cast iron grill! For low & slow cooking, we recommend using a Divide & Conquer or Plate setter!
Other flavorings

In addition to using a BBQ rub, you can also use the right charcoal and smoking wood to take your dish to the next level. For example, check out our assortment of Black Ranch charcoal or Smokin’ Flavours smoking wood. And complete your dish with one of our BBQ sauces. Enjoy your meal in advance!