BBQ sauces

A barbecue sauce can make or break a dish, so it is important to choose a BBQ sauce that compliments your dish – as this makes a world of difference! In our assortment we have chosen different BBQ sauces that allow us to offer a diverse palette of flavors. Noskos ‘ sauce is an absolute all-round topper that can be used for a variety of dishes. The different BBQ sauces from No Rubbish have different flavors that make them less suitable as all-rounders but therefore even better suited to the dishes they are designed for!

Combine BBQ sauces with the right rub

Combine the right BBQ sauce with also the right bbq rub to get the very best results! When using a sauce on your dish in your bbq do watch your temperature, above 130 degrees your sauce will start to caramelize – this may be desirable or perhaps not! In addition, the use of sauce is recommended especially when cooking indirectly, so that it does not burn from the direct heat of your charcoal. For kamado addition for indirect cooking, check out Divide & Conquers or Plate setter / heat deflector!

Use the right charcoal and smoking wood

In addition to the rub and BBQ sauce, charcoal and smoking wood also impart a certain flavor. Make sure you make the right choice in this to take your dish to an even higher level. If you would like advice on this, contact