The Rubclub rubs

The Rubclub brings many different, delicious flavours to your dish! For every dish, preparation or flavour palette, there is a suitable rub at the Rubclub! About their mission, they themselves say the following;

“To inspire people, preferably as much as possible! That is the mission of The Rub Club.

Herbs and spices form the basis of almost every dish, this basis is laid through an assortment of diverse flavours. Together with the rest of the club, these flavours are endlessly varied in all kinds of fun and delicious recipes.

The Rub Club continues to innovate in terms of new flavours or surprising products. This way, we can continue to inspire each other and amaze our friends and family with all those delicious dishes. In short, we are going to flame with the whole Club!”

Combine with smoke wood!

Combine a good piece of meat with a good rub with the addition of a smoke flavour too! You can do this by using different types, flavours and shapes of smoke wood!