IQ Grills kamado

Those looking for a kamado that comes fully complete have come to the right place with an IQ Grills kamado. This brand of kamado is still fairly new on the market but recently received the award for best kamado of 2022! The IQ Grills kamado is made of mullite, a type of ceramic that can withstand temperatures as high as 1600 degrees! Available in both black and gray, the IQ kamado is made with only top quality components such as a black powder-coated stainless steel base, fiberglass felt and an innovatively designed top vent. Furthermore, there is also a whopping 20-year warranty on the ceramic and flint.

Supplied fully complete

The IQ Grill kamado comes fully complete. And by complete, we really mean complete. Everything you could possibly need when grilling comes with this kamado. Examples include:

  • Multi-level cooking system with as many as 3 levels
  • Cast iron half-moon plate and grate
  • Coal Basket
  • Pizza stone
  • Hot-air lighter
  • Rain cover
  • Thermometer, LED light and more

In addition, you will also receive a kamado extras package from us to get started with your kamado right away!

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