Cast iron grid

One accessory not to be missed with your kamado is a cast iron grate. Because let’s face it, every dish looks that little bit better with beautiful grill stripes, doesn’t it! A cast iron grate retains heat a lot better than stainless steel and ensures that this heat is transferred to your dish much more consistently. The process that creates these grill marks is called Maillard’s reaction. Not only does this make the meat look nicer, the heat also sears the meat faster, allowing the juices to stay in the meat better. A cast iron grill is perfect for hot&fast cooking.

Types of cast iron grates

At you will not only find cast iron grills in the sizes Compact, Large and XL, we also have a half-moon grid and half-moon grill plate variant of this in the range. These variants fit perfectly into a Divide & Conquer allowing you to play with different heat zones at the same time. A cast iron half-moon plate is perfect if you want to grill smaller pieces of meat, fish or vegetables. This is because these cannot fall between the bars, which is ideal! In addition, you can also use this plate to create an even crust on your meat.

Other cast iron kamado accessories

While cast iron skillets are great fun to buy for yourself or give as a gift to someone, we have many other cast iron items in our assortment. Also take a look at our Dutch Ovens or cast iron skillets. Again, when properly maintained, these products can last a lifetime.