Cast iron skillets

A cast iron skillet, or cast iron pan, is a perfect addition for many types of cooking on your kamado. This is because cast iron conducts heat extremely well and evenly, ensuring perfect cooking of your dish. Be sure to remove the cast-iron pan from the kamado with gloves or a grip because it gets tremendously hot. However, cast iron needs to be maintained. Many of our cast iron skillets have already been treated (or seasoned) but this also needs to be redone once in a while to ensure the quality of the pan. Cast iron that is properly maintained can last a lifetime, so you’re doing it for a reason! Take a look at our step-by-step guide to treating cast iron where we explain to you exactly how this is done.

Wide selection of cast iron skillets

At you will find a wide range of cast iron skillets. We have sets of cast iron pans as well as skillets with wooden bases so you can place them on the table immediately after preparation. Do look carefully at the size of the cast iron skillet. It is important that your kamado can still close when the pan is on it. Otherwise, it is impossible to maintain proper temperature control.

Other cast iron kamado accessories

While cast iron skillets are great fun to buy for yourself or give as a gift to someone, we have many other cast iron items in our assortment. Also take a look at our Dutch Ovens or cast iron grills. Again, when properly maintained, these products can last a lifetime.