Looftlighter – BBQ Lighter – Electric Lighter

Lighting your Kamado is not difficult in itself. If you use kindling wicks, for example, it will certainly be on by about 10 minutes. However, this can be done even faster with aen electric lighter! An electric bbq lighter that uses extremely hot air to light your coals. The combination of heat and airflow ensures that the charcoal ignites well and quickly so that within 2 minutes you have a good ignition in your kamado. (even though these are also called one minute lighter) The looftlighter is electric and therefore works with a plug, this means you don’t have the hassle of batteries and you will never be surprised when you light your kamado. The looftlighter is also an ideal solution when switching from a low&slow grilling session to a high&fast, for example, when you have brought your dish indirectly to the desired core temperature and then want to sear it. By taking out your divide & conquer or platesetter and then using the looftlighter to fire up the coals for two minutes, you will be at a temperature for searing within 3 minutes!

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Are you looking for a looft lighter? Kamado-essentials.com offers a looftlighter that is easy to handle and can be used for any kind of barbecue or even fireplace. This will get you grilling or enjoying your fire even faster!