The Bastard accessories

The Bastard is one of the most famous kamado brands. This Dutch brand makes very sturdy kamados from the best materials. They also offer a huge number of The Bastard accessories that also meet the highest standards and allow you to get the most out of your kamado. Consider not only the standard accessories such as cast iron grates and charcoal baskets, but also, for example, a The Bastard thermometer, drip pans and even The Bastard ice cube makers! Yes, you hear it right, you can even make ice cubes in the shape of a The Bastard kamado! How cool is that!

Unique The Bastard accessories

The Bastard accessories go beyond the “normal” types of accessories. This brand continues to innovate every year, constantly coming out with new accessories that allow you to get even more out of your Bastard kamado. For example, The Bastard accessories range today includes a Rotisserie / pizza oven combination, cast iron plancha rings, an Ash Tray Lifter and a very handy Easy Grid Lifter. Don’t have a The Bastard kamado but want to know if these products are also suitable for your type of kamado? Then take a look at our measurement instructions. Here’s what to look for to make sure The Bastard accessories will fit your kamado.

Charcoal and smoking wood

Besides accessories, we also offer a wide range of top quality charcoal and smoking wood at These are only products we believe in and with which you can make the most delicious dishes.