To measure is to know! What a cliché but what wise words. The temperature of your Kamado and your dish are extremely important! The dome temperature is important in almost every preparation, and in addition, the core temperature of your dish is a determining factor in its flavor. So a good thermometer is an absolute must! offers several thermometers with the flagship being the bluetooth dome thermometer. This dome thermometer replaces the regular analog thermometer on your Kamado and then digitally gives you the value of your dome temperature (and thus much more precise than the analog thermometer). In addition, it is also possible to pair it with your smartphone via the app so you can see all the information on your phone as well as set any alarms or target temperatures. This dome thermometer also comes with 2 so-called probes so you can see the core temperature of your dish in addition to your dome thermometer! These values are also displayed on your phone and are also adjustable to your liking. The thermometer is easy to mount yourself on your kamado, you unscrew the fly nut from your current analog thermometer after which you can remove it. Then you simply insert the bluetooth dome thermometer and tighten it again with the fly nut as well. Then you are ready to grill deliciously!

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Are you looking for a kamado thermometer? offers a digital bluetooth dome thermometer that fits all kamados. The kamado thermometer ensures you are always aware of the temperatures in your kamado so you can grill even more relaxed!
Kamado thermometer bluetooth