Barbecues come in all shapes and sizes. Of all the types, however, the kamado is the most versatile. Because of its high-quality ceramic, a kamado is very heat-resistant and suitable for a huge number of cooking techniques: indirect low&slow cooking, hot&fast roasting and grilling, pizza baking, hot smoking, cold smoking and also stewing (using a Dutch Oven). By means of the air slider at the bottom and the “daisy wheel” at the top of the kamado, you can control the air supply very precisely and thus set the temperature perfectly. And the best part is, you can assume that the temperature inside the kamado is still exactly the same after many hours!

A brief history of the kamado

The first kamados were made in Japan. However, back then these were not used for preparing meat as we mainly do today. A kamado was then used to keep rice warm for a day. The egg shape provided perfect heat distribution and the ceramic ensured perfect heat retention. After World War II, American soldiers regularly took kamados to America, making these products popular here as well. Then in 1974, Big Green Egg was the first manufacturer to use egg-shaped barbecues to cook meat as well. Nowadays there are a lot more brands available, such as the Keij kamado, but the operation is identical!

Which kamado should I choose?

Each size kamado works the same way and is suitable for all types of cooking techniques. You can assume that a kamado compact is suitable for about 4 people, a kamado large for 5 to 8 people and a kamado xl for as many as about 13 people! If you are preparing a large piece of meat, then a kamado compact may not fit side dishes at the same time. With a larger size, again, this is fine in general. At you will find not only the kamados themselves but also all the accessories you need to make your barbecue experience top notch!