Kamado Large

For those who like to prepare large pieces of meat and side dishes on the barbecue at the same time or those who like to prepare food for groups of up to 8 people, there is the 21-inch kamado large! This kamado comes in two types, the Keij kamado large and the Basic kamado large. Both variants come with raised base with side tables. Perfect for putting things on while grilling! The Keij kamado large is available in two colors: black and blue. A real eye-catcher in the garden!

Supplied extra complete

Our Large kamados come with most accessories so you can get started right away. The Basic kamado large comes with stainless steel grill, Plate Setter and kamado cover. The Keij kamado large comes with even more useful accessories such as:

  • Divide and Conquer large (21″)
  • Roasting tongs
  • Ash collection tray
  • 3kg Bag of quebracho charcoal
  • 1.4kg Smokechunks

A Keij kamado comes standard with a 20-year warranty on the dome and lid and 2 years on the fire bowls. With a Basic kamado, with 10 years on the dome and lid and 2 years on the fire bowls, this is still very generous! After purchase, you will be contacted to schedule a convenient delivery time.

Other accessories

Do you want even more from your kamado then you can also go to for extremely handy kamado accessories such as a cast iron grid, a coal basket and a pizza stone! We also supply top quality charcoal and smoking wood. This can also be picked up at our location in Breda by appointment if necessary.