Black Ranch Marabu Charcoal (15kg)


The Black Ranch Marabu is the mid-range of Black Ranch. This all-rounder can be used for both Low & Slow and Fast and High. This wood is one degree harder than the Acacia and for that reason keeps burning even longer. It is a bit more of a challenge to get everything on properly than with Aciaca and it can take a while to get it up to temperature but after that it stays on temperature easily and for a long time making it very suitable for low & slow sessions. Especially ideally suited for use in a kamado.

Key points:

  • Keeps burning for a long time
  • Burns hot but not too hot
  • Excellent for a low & slow barbecue session


Little smoke and therefore a neutral taste.


Marabu charcoal is made from the Marabu shrub, an invasive weedy shrub from South America. The charcoal is distinctive for its round mounds because it is made from round branches.


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Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions70 × 45 × 20 cm

Black Ranch

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