Black Ranch Quebracho Charcoal (15kg)


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The Black Ranch Quebracho is Black Ranch’s hardest charcoal variant. This Low & Slow champion is best for prolonged barbecue sessions! Quebracho charcoal can be used for both direct and indirect grilling but comes into its own for longer cooking sessions in a kamado. Dishes like Spareribs (3/2/1 method) or Pulled Pork are easy to prepare in a Kamado from half a basket of charcoal. If you shut off the air supply of your Kamado after cooking, there will most likely even be enough usable charcoal left for the next session! Quebracho is also very popular for professional use.

Key points:

  • Keeps burning very long
  • Fire warm and stable
  • Large broken charcoal
  • Excellent for a low & slow barbecue session


Quebracho charcoal gives off a strong smoke flavour that can take some cuts of meat to an even higher level. When lighting the coals, it is recommended to wait for the smoke to dissipate before grilling. This prevents an over-smoky flavour and gives a more stable roast in terms of temperature. Prefer a less robust smoke flavour ? Then look for Black Ranch Marabu


Quebracho charcoal is made from the Quebracho tree (holm oak) in South America. Quebracho (derived from ‘Quiebra Hach’ from Spanish meaning ‘Axe breaker’) is enormously hard wood that is converted into charcoal under very specific conditions, giving it an enormously high density and very little moisture. This ensures that this charcoal burns for a very long time and produces hardly any ash.

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Prefer a less hard wood for a higher temperature and less smoky flavour ? Then choose Black Ranch Marabu

Looking for a better fitting option for Fast & High ? Then choose Black Ranch Acacia

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Weight15 kg
Dimensions70 × 40 × 20 cm

15 kg


Black Ranch

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Meindert Meijer (verified owner)

    Deze houtskool heeft me echt verbaasd. 5 uur slow cooking en mijn kolenmandje zat bijna net zo vol als daarvoor. Lekker rokerig en mooie sortering ( grote blokken).

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