Cast Iron Crescent Plate Medium 18″


This cast iron half-moon plate large is a perfect extension for your kamado if you like to prepare smaller pieces of meat, fish or vegetables in addition to large pieces. Consider, for example, the preparation of shrimp, steaks or other hot & fast dishes. These will not fall through the bars of the grill but, because of the ridges on the cast iron half-moon plate, will still get nice grill marks! This half moon plate can be used on both sides, one side of the half moon plate has grill stripes and the other side is flat. Ideal for a variety of preparations. The cast iron half-moon plate medium fits perfectly on a divide and conquer allowing you to cook large and small pieces of meat, fish or vegetables at the same time. A half-moon plate is perfect to use to create either beautiful grill stripes or a nice even crust on your meat.


  • 38CM
  • 18″ Kamado
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Why cast iron and how to treat it?

Cast iron is a lot heavier than stainless steel, but also a lot more brittle. This makes it absorb much more heat and allows you to get very nice grill stripes or a crust on your meat even at a lower temperature. Cast iron is therefore ideally suited for hot&fast grilling on direct heat. On the contrary, stainless steel is better suited for indirect cooking.

Cast iron will last a lifetime if you take good care of it! Check out our step-by-step guide on how best to treat your cast iron! Roadmap: Treating cast iron

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