Cast Iron Grid – Extra Large (23″)


The advantage of a cast iron grill is that it ensures that heat is evenly distributed and thus no heat spikes occur on your grill, allowing your dish to cook evenly. A nice bonus of Cast Iron are the typical grill stripes that can be created with it, which can also be converted to a diamond pattern by turning the dish a quarter turn halfway through, a feast for the eyes! The XL cast-iron grill has a diameter of 49.5 cm and fits all 23″ Kamados.

Key points:

  • Ensures more even cooking
  • Beautiful grill texture on your dish
  • Diameter 49.5 cm

Check out our step-by-step guide on how best to treat your cast iron! Roadmap: Treating cast iron

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Cast Iron Grid – Extra Large (23inch)

This sturdy cast iron grid gives a beautiful grilling texture to the product. The advantage of this cast iron grid is that it ensures that the heat is evenly distributed. This ensures that the temperature remains the same over the entire grill, making the product less likely to sear than with a stainless steel grill. The cast iron grid XL has a diameter of 49.5cm.


Does this Cast Iron Grid not fit your Kamado? Then check out the cast iron grill large (46.5cm) or compact (34cm).

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Extra Large (23")


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