Cast Iron Half-moon Grid XL – 23″


A cast-iron half-moon grid sears food quickly, retaining moisture better and you can taste it! Of course, you also get the typical grill stripes on your meat, fish or vegetables! The heat conduction of cast iron prevents heat peaks on your grid and that your entire grid has the same temperature everywhere. This half-moon griddle is made for use on divide and conquer!

Key points

  • Dimensions; 49.5 x 24.7 cm
  • Also available as Cast Iron Crescent Plate!

This Cast Iron Grill Grid is also available in a benefit bundle in combination with a divide and conquer and grill plate, the Divide and Conquer Pro XL!

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Why cast iron and how to treat it?

Cast iron is a porous heavy metal that has optimal heat conduction. This heat conduction on your kamado prevents heat peaks on your grid, which can sometimes occur with stainless steel. As a result, your entire dish is on an even cooking grid. This heat conduction also ensures beautiful grill marks on your dish, which can be turned into grill marks by turning halfway through.  By pre-treating your cast iron properly and treating it again in time, it can literally last a lifetime. In addition, a good pre-treatment ensures that nothing sticks to your grill, making it clean again in no time at all!

Check out our step-by-step plan on how best to treat your cast iron! Step plan: Treating cast iron

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Suitable for

Extra Large (23")




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