Coal basket – Medium – 18″ – 20″


A coal basket is an ideal addition to any kamado. The coal basket improves your airflow around your coals by creating space around them, and ash falls through it to the bottom of the kamado or collection tray, preventing clogging. So it literally pays for itself because you use less coal due to better efficiency! It is also very easy to clean as you can easily lift it out with the remaining coals, sweep up the ashes and easily fill the basket for placing it back. This coal basket has a removable divider in the middle that ensures you can create two different zones.

This stainless steel coal basket large fits perfectly into a Medium Kamado from 18″ to 20″.


  • Top diameter: 30cm
  • Bottom diameter: 23cm
  • Height: 13cm

Unsure if this coal basket will fit? Make a mould from flat cardboard with the above measurements to be sure!

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Suitable for

M / L (20")

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