Divide and Conquer – Medium-Large (20″)


A divide and conquer is an absolute must-have to get the most out of your kamado and your dishes! This flexible stainless steel grill grid with ceramic half-moon stones allows you to grill direct and indirect simultaneously. Ideal for when you have a nice piece of meat lying low&slow and also want to be able to grill your vegetables directly.

Key points:

  • Must have for a Kamado
  • The solution for direct and indirect grilling
  • Easily adjustable in height as required
  • 2 stainless steel half moon grill grates
  • 2 Ceramic crescent stones

Please note, for GrillGuru Medium Kamados, the fire ring and fire bowl dimensions may be different. For the 20″ Divide, the Kamado inner diameter must be 44CM and the inner diameter of the fire ring at least 35CM. Is the diameter of your fire ring smaller? Then check out the 18″ Divide and Conquer

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Divide and Conquer Medium – 20″

The Divide and Conquer is the ideal addition for your Kamado. This accessory gives you the option of direct or indirect grilling or possibly both even at the same time. When low&slow barbecuing, it is important that your dish does not end up directly above your glowing coals, as this results in heating too quickly, causing your meat to cook very quickly on the outside, but the inside is still raw. The two ceramic crescent stones are completely heat-resistant, so they can be placed directly over your hot coals. This keeps your dish from getting the full brunt of heat but keeps it at a good stable temperature for low&slow. In addition, the interlayer of ceramic allows for better air circulation inside the kamado, which benefits the cooking process of the dish! Because of the 2 half-moon stones, you can also set your kamado to grill indirectly on one side and directly on the other. This may be desirable for your side dish or multiple dishes at once, for example. The stainless steel moon grates at the top can also be replaced with a cast-iron half-moon grate or griddle if necessary to cook your dish even better. By using the different heights of the divide & conquer, you can create even more zones.


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M / L (20")

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Divide & Conquer


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