Dutch Oven XL – 5,7L


This sturdy cast iron Dutch Oven is perfect for a stew, sauce or side dish. The design is such that it can be easily placed on the grill or in the coals of the kamado. Its capacity is 5.7 liters.

Key points:

  • Perfect for a stew or a side dish.
  • The capacity is 5.7 liters
  • robust cast iron pan
  • Dimensions: 31.6CM diameter – height 10CM without lid, 14.5cm with lid
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Dutch Oven 5.7 liters

The must have for any BBQ enthusiast. The Dutch Oven is a robust cast iron pan that fits perfectly on the Kamado or directly into the coals or a campfire. The most important parts are the pan itself and the lid. The design of this all-rounder comes from America, where they are known for designing robust products. The advantage of this cast iron material is that it ensures that the heat is evenly distributed. This ensures that the temperature of the entire pan stays the same, making it perfect for making stews, side dishes and sauces. This Dutch Oven has a capacity of 5.7 liters.

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