Grill Elevator – XL (23″)


The 23″ Kamado is already a sizeable kamado, but sometimes even on this you are still short of space. For these barbecue heroes, the Grill elevator/lifter is an ideal solution. This elevator creates a second floor in your kamado!

Key points:

  • Ideal for the large-capacity makers!
  • Gives you a second floor in your Kamado
  • 11 centimetres high, 37 cm deep and 38 cm wide
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The Grill Elevator/Lifter gives you the space to put even more dishes in your kamado. Think, for example, of even more spare ribs or side dishes you can prepare alongside your main dish. It is also an ideal way of temporarily keeping your dishes warm. The Grill Elevator gives you a second floor of 37 cm deep and 38 cm wide at a height of 11 cm from your regular grill grid.

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Extra Large (23")




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