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The Grill Guru Tabletop Ceramic grill! The Hibachi from Grill Guru, perfect to have on the table with family and friends and enjoy grilling together. The all-ceramic body provides good heat retention and allows you to add the delicious taste of charcoal fire right at the table to anything you prepare on it! The body is supported by a metal black powder-coated frame which features two fireproof handles. The cast iron coal grate that lies on the bottom of the body, in addition to the ceramic, also ensures a long burn time due to its heat retention! In short, with the Tabletop, an entertaining evening is paramount!!!


Key points;

  • Full ceramic body
  • Solid base
  • Grill grid of 35×17.5CM
  • Total weight of 8KG
  • 2 Year Warranty on the Ceramic Body

In the Tabletop, the use of Binchotan Charcoal is recommended! These are straight pieces of charcoal that fit perfectly in the Tabletop!

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