Grill Guru – Compact Table – Black


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Super handy universal grill table with stainless steel worktop that fits your kamado compact perfectly. Mobile thanks to two sturdy front castors and handy stainless steel handle/handle bar at the back. Stained spruce FSC certified and fitted with two extra shelves, one of which has a stainless steel plate to hold your kamado. Suitable for most Compact (15″) kamados with a grid diameter of 33 cm and a body diameter of up to ø 42 cm. Height 90 cm width 104 cm, depth 58 cm.

Also available in Beige

Please note: The table comes as a kit & does not include a kamado.

A special rain cover by Grill Guru is available for this table; Compact Table Rain Cover – which is exactly made to the size of this table with kamado inside!

Which compact kamado is suitable in the Grill table?
This table is made for the Grill Guru kamado compact which fits including the base (without both carrying handles) in this grill table. Most other kamados compact with a diameter of up to 42 CM and a depth of at least 25 CM of the ceramic base fit into this grill table. Some models do require you to remove the kamado completely from the base. Placing the kamado directly on the stainless steel base plate gives the risk that the kamado will not be able to radiate its heat evenly and may crack. Solution is to place a special grill riser between the kamado and the lower tray, such as Kamado feet!

Wood maintenance:
Stained spruce is easy to maintain. If the grill table is outside or under a roof, we recommend using the rain cover to preserve both table and kamado. If dull spots or scratches have appeared in the wood, you can easily sand the grill table lightly and repaint or stain it. For outdoor use, we strongly recommend keeping a close eye on it and sanding and staining the table once a year.

CAUTION: It is really important to use the base to prevent damage. The Grill Guru kamado should be placed in a Grill Guru chassis or in case of a Solo kamado in a Grill Guru compliant furniture. A Solo should only be placed on a metal base or built-in table, on a sufficiently refractory solid barrier such as a 5 cm thick concrete tile, metal table stand or metal table nest. When placed on a metal plate in a wooden table, ensure a layer of air between metal and wooden surface due to heat conduction and burning of wood.This can be done, for example, with Kamado feet!

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Grill Guru

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