Grill Guru – Firepit


Your Grill night over but still time enough for some conviviality? Create a wonderfully cosy atmosphere with the Grill Guru Firepit! This stylish firepit creates a fine fire glow, cosiness and warmth until the late hours! The Firepit can stay outside at any time and has a special rust-free coating which ensures that it retains its tough appearance!

Key points;

  • Perfect for bbq evenings with friends!
  • Dimensions; 60cm high, 37cm diameter at bottom, 42cm diameter at top
  • Stainless coating!
  • Aspook included

Tip; have you been bbqing? Throw some of your glowing coals in the firepit with some dry wood and it will be lit in no time! Want it lit really quickly? Then use a looftlighter! This will blow the flames out of the fire basket within 2-3 minutes!

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Grill Guru

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