Grill Guru Plate Setter Compact (15″)


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A Grill Guru Plate Setter compact 15-inch is an ideal tool for an indirect bbq session. The plate setter converts the 15-inch Kamado so that the direct heat from the coals cannot reach the dish directly. The plate setter consists of a deflector plate (round stone) and a stainless steel frame on which the grill can be placed. The ideal way for a low&slow grilling session.

Key points:

  • Allows you to grill low and slow
  • Suitable for almost all 15″ Compact kamados
  • Supplied with;
    ● Heat Deflector as standard;
    ● Stainless steel frame.
  • The stainless steel triangle is 30cm*30cm*30cm .
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Grill Guru Plate Setter compact 15-inch

The Grill Guru plate setter is the ideal accessory to upgrade the 15-inch Kamado allowing for an indirect bbq session. The plate setter consists of a heat deflector and a stainless steel frame. The plate setter compact 15-inch is placed on and in the fire ring between the charcoal and the dish. This prevents the heat coming from the charcoal from going directly to the dish, which causes the cooking to take place more slowly. This makes the kamado function like an oven instead of a grill. The dish then gets heat indirectly from the coals which is ideal for the slow and low bbq session. Please note; This 15″ Plate setter does not fit on the Patton 15″ models as the firebowl of these is too tapered!


Want a combination of direct and indirect grilling during your bbq session? Then the then Divide and Conquer is a better choice.

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