Grill Guru Rotisserie – 18″ Medium – 21″ Large – 23″ XL – 24″ XL


The Girll Guru Rotisserie is a hugely versatile product as it can be used on multiple Kamado sizes. The Rotisserie fits all Kamados with an inner bottom dimension between 45 and 58 cm because it has a disc-out system. It therefore fits Medium, Large, and Extra Large Kamados! The spit features a powerful motor and two four-pronged skewers where you can firmly skewer meat, chicken or vegetables. The Rotisserie works with a plug on mains power and will therefore never let you down in the middle of grilling session as is possible with a battery-powered version.

Key points:

  • Suitable for a Kamado diameter of 45-58CM
  • Suitable for Medium, Large and XL Kamados
  • Power supply through a plug
  • Powerful motor with sturdy skewers
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Easy to use on multiple sizes of kamado grills!

Additional information

Suitable for

Medium (18"), M / L (20"), Large (21"), Extra Large (23")


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