Grizzly Grills – Rotisserie – Medium-large-XL


The rotisserie from Grizzly Grills is a tremendously versatile product because it can be used on multiple sizes of Kamado. The Rotisserie fits all Kamados with an interior size of the main opening between 45 and 58 cm because it has a disking system. So this fits Medium, Large, and Extra large kamados! The spit features a powerful motor and two four-pronged skewers where you can firmly skewer meat, chicken or vegetables.

Key points:

  • Suitable for a Kamado diameter of 45-58CM
  • Suitable for Medium, Large and XL Kamados
  • Power supply through a plug
  • Powerful motor with sturdy skewers
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Easy to use on various sizes of kamado grills!

Additional information

Suitable for

Medium (18"), M / L (20"), Large (21"), Extra Large (23")

Brand kamado

Grizzly Grills


Grizzly Grills

Size Kamado

Large (21"), XL (23")


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