Grizzly Grills Elite 2022 – Large + Rain Cover


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The Grizzly Grills Elite Large is an absolute lord and master among Kamados! This high-quality Kamado has everything of the highest quality standard such as cordierite ceramics that are guaranteed for 20 years, rust-free powder-coated steel parts, cast iron, hardwood and porcelain-coated grates – everything for the most durable and high-quality product, giving you the best grilling results! The Grizzly Elite Large comes standard with all essential accessories such as Divide & Conquer (Multi-level cooking system) for direct and indirect grilling, a Coal Basket that provides better temperature stability and allows you to use your charcoal longer and fills it more easily and a chip feeder that allows you to easily add your smoked wood. In addition, at Kamado-Essentials you get a 10KG bag of Charcoal and 1.5kg bag of Smokechunks for free!

Key points:

    • High-quality – Beregoed!
    • 21″ Large format – 46 CM grilling surface – 8-10 people
    • Comes standard with;
      – Divide & Conquer
      – 2 x Crescent stone
      – 2 x Crescent stainless steel grate
      – Coal basket
      – Chipfeeder/Smokewood drawer
      – High-quality powder-coated base
      – Hardwood handles and folding shelves
    • High-quality cordorite ceramic, 20-year guarantee on dome and lid.
    • Home delivery on a day that suits you!

The Grizzly Grills Elite Large is also available in a Fully loaded version with Grizzly rain cover, cast iron grate, one minute lighter, more charcoal ánd smoking wood!

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Grizzly Elite Large

The 21-inch Grizzly Grills Elite kamado is truly a high-quality champ. The Grizzly Grills way is adventurous enjoyment! The components are all made as sustainably as possible to have the smallest possible impact on the environment, after all, nature is dear to us. As a result, the lifespan is also just brilliant! This Kamado with a 46 cm grill grid gives you more than enough space to prepare all kinds of delicious food perfectly. Ideal for 4-8 people. Kamados are designed for long-lasting barbecue sessions. Thanks to the shape of the kamado and the high-quality ceramic, this barbecue can burn very long and stably, making it ideal for so-called low & slow dishes! The Grizzly Grills kamado uses the thick-walled cordierite ceramic. The slide at the bottom and the daisy wheel at the top allow you to easily regulate and change temperatures as required. The lock in on the opening ensures that your Grizzly kamado always closes properly and that you don’t pull false air or lose heat. The 21-inch Grizzly features a high-quality sturdy black base with good castors, 2 of which have brakes to secure it. The side shelves give you plenty of working space while barbecuing and can be folded away when not needed. At the bottom of these side shelves, there are several hooks on which you can hang your tools. The base and the hinge mechanism are made of high-grade powder-coated steel and the suspension ensures that the dome is easy to open but also closes very well, thanks to the lock and the fibreglass seal. Via the smoke wood infeed at the front of the kamado, you can easily add smoke wood in the kamado without having to open the dome, so virtually no heat is lost while barbecuing and you can place it directly in the middle of the fire bowl. In the middle of the firebowl is also the coal basket, which ensures that the airflow is well distributed over the coals, ensuring better temperature stability. The 21-inch Kamado is a very common size, so you can find many accessories for it to make the most of your dishes. Fortunately, we have a lot of them already included for you such as; Divide and Conquer 21 inch for direct and indirect grilling, a coal basket for better efficiency of your charcoal and at Allesvoorkamado, a 10kg bag of Marabu Charcoal and 1.5Kg bag of Smokchunks are included as standard, so you can get started right away!

In the current model, the following points have been improved from the previous model;

  • Improved hinge which prevents ‘overbite’ and gives better function with the front lock
  • Adjustment in the cast iron top valve making it better/precise to operate


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Additional information

Aantal personen

5 – 8 personen


Grizzly Grills



Size Kamado

Large (21")


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