IQ Grills Kamado Classic (21″) – Gunpowder Grey – Complete


The IQ Grills kamado classic Gunpowder Grey, is the IQ grills but grey. Really a par for someone who wants something different. This colour is not otherwise available on the market. A kamado designed in the Netherlands. The bbq fanatics who helped develop this kamado have a combined 100 years of experience in the bbq world. And it shows!

Why the IQ:

  1. Dutch design!
  2. Gunpowder Grey.
  3. Extra-strong mullite ceramic
  4. Particularly innovative
  5. Supplied complete with all accessories

The IQ is a 21-inch kamado with a grilling area of 44cm, suitable for up to 8 people!

Kamados are often made of cordierite ceramic. The IQ grills kamado is not, as it is made of mullite. This ceramic is more heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 1600 degrees Celsius! With cordierite, this max is around 1100 degrees. This results in a longer lifespan for your kamado.

The IQ Grills kamado classic comes with every imaginable accessory. this means you are immediately ready to prepare whatever dish you want! This package contains the following products:

  • Gunpowder Grey.
  • A multi-level cooking system with 3 levels, including:
    • 2 Half-moon stainless steel grids
    • 2 Half-moon heat deflectors
    • Cast iron Half-moon grid
    • Cast iron Half-moon plate (plancha)
    • 2 Half-moon dripping pans
  • Coal basket
  • Chicken sitter
  • Pizza stone
  • Roasting tongs
  • Hot-air lighter (Looftlighter)
  • Rain cover
  • IQ Thermometer with 2 probes
  • Ash drawer
  • Hamburger scoop
  • LED light with hook
  • Aspook
  • 20-year guarantee on ceramic and flint

The kamado comes with a 10KG bag of charcoal and 1.5KG of smoke chunks so you can start grilling right away!

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What makes the IQ grills kamado unique:

This kamado is really designed for the true BBQ fanatic, everything has been thought of by LED lighting can also see the meat well in the dark.

Temperature control is via the aluminium daisy wheel with rain hood. This daisy wheel is perfectly adjustable. Moreover, the daisy wheel can be completely opened to heat up the IQ Grills kamado extra quickly.

The multi-level cooking consists of 3 levels. This allows you to determine exactly how far the product is from the fire.

Fibreglass seal, the best seal findable for a kamado means the IQ cannot pull false air and therefore a more stable temperature control!

Want to get even more out of your kamado? Then perhaps The Complete Kamado Book is for you! Or make your dish even tastier with one of our Noskos Rubs.

Additional information

Aantal personen

5 – 8 personen

Size Kamado

Large (21")




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