Kamado Joe – Karbon Steel Griddle


Make your Large kamado even more versatile with this lightweight Carbon Steel griddle! Made of carbon steel, this griddle has almost the same properties as cast iron but with only a fraction of the weight! The plancha heats up quickly, is very heat-conductive so it heats up evenly and has a non-stick coating that prevents caking and is also easy to clean! The plancha has two stainless steel handles so you can even use it as a serving tray and has a fat catcher so that during grilling everything does not drown in fat!

Key points;

  • Super fast searing, roasting or sautéing!
  • Suitable for all courses, even an egg for breakfast
  • Carbon steel is as versatile as stainless steel with the thermal conductivity of cast iron
  • Non-stick coating against caking and for easy cleaning!
  • Fits any ‘Large’ model kamado with a grid diameter of 46CM

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Large (21")


Kamado Joe

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Kamado Joe


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