Kamado Joe – Karbon Steel Half Moon Skillet set


Make your Kamado Joe kamado even more versatile with the half-moon pan set from the Kamado Joe Carbon steel series. This set consists of one pan with holes for perfect roasting and grilling and one pan without holes for ideal searing and sautéing. The carbon pans feature a non-stick coating that prevents caking and is easy to clean! The material is naturally heat-conductive for perfect food preparation every time!

Key points

  • Pre-treated carbon steel half-moon pan set with non-stick coating
  • One pan with holes for direct contact with fire and one pan without holes for roasting, grilling or baking!
  • Stainless steel handles for easy serving of the pans
  • Carbon steel is as much as stainless steel but with the thermal conductivity of cast iron
  • Ideal for on a Divide& Conquer or Flex Grill as you can grill in different heights and direct and/or indirect!
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Kamado Joe

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Kamado Joe


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