Kamado Plate Setter (X)XL – 23/25″


A Plate setter 23/25 inch is an ideal tool for an indirect bbq session. The Platesetter allows the Kamado to be used for indirect cooking. This indirect preparation ensures that the direct heat from the coals does not reach the dish, preventing drying out and overheating. This turns your kamado into an oven, so to speak, and allows you to prepare the tastiest dishes using so-called low&slow bbq’ing! The plate setter transforms the 21-inch kamado so that the direct heat of the coals cannot reach the dish directly. The plate setter has a diameter of 51 cm.

The Platesetter comes to rest on your firebowl/firing ring and the legs then ensure that your grill can be placed on it stably.

Key points:

  • Suitable for a 23 and 25-inch kamado
  • Diameter of 51 CM.
  • Needed for indirect cooking
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Plate setter (X)XL 23/25 inch

The plate setter is the ideal accessory to upgrade the 23/25-inch Kamado allowing for an indirect bbq session. The plate setter XL 23/25 inch is placed on the fire ring between the charcoal and the dish. This prevents the heat coming from the charcoal from going directly to the dish. The dish then gets indirect heat from the coals which is ideal for slow and low bbq sessions. Placing the plate setter in the Kamado converts it into an oven, so to speak. The Plate setter also makes it possible, for example, to make Pizza on your Kamado, in combination with a Pizza stone.


The plate setter XXL is a fixed ceramic plate setter, if you want a bit more flexibility with, for example, other heights, grids or half direct/half indirect then the XL 23″ Divide and Conquer might be a better option.

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Extra Large (23"), XXL (25")




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