Keij Kamado XL PRO (23″) – Black – Complete


The 23″ Keij Kamado is one of the most complete Kamados available! This high-quality Kamado is equipped with everything you could need while grilling and is large enough to feed more than 8 people! Comes standard with all essential accessories such as Divide & Conquer for direct and indirect grilling, rain cover for extra weather protection, grill tongs AND brush! With this showstopper, you’ll be ready to grill right away!

Key points:

  • Black!
  • Comes standard with;
    – Stainless Steel Grid
    – Divide & conquer 21 inches
    – Rain cover
    – Roasting tongs
    – Grid brush
    – Ash collection tray
    – Smoking wood tray
    – High quality undercarriage
    – HDPE Handle and side tables
    – Set of Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves
    – A 3KG bag of Marabu charcoal and 1.4kg of Smoking Wood Chunks
  • High quality Ceramic, 20-year warranty on dome and lid.
  • 2 year warranty on fire bowl and fire ring
  • Delivered to your home at a time convenient for you!
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Keij Kamado Large Complete 23 Inch Black

The 23″ Keij Kamado is the jewel among Kamados. This Kamado with a 50 cm grill grid gives you more than enough space to perfectly prepare all kinds of delicacies. Ideal for groups of more than 8 people or deliciously large cuts of meat. Kamados are designed for long barbecue sessions, the shape of the kamado and the high-quality ceramic allows this barbecue to burn very long and stable, so ideal for the so-called low&slow dishes! The Keij Kamado uses the thick-walled cordierite ceramic. The slide at the bottom and the daisy wheel at the top give you the ability to easily regulate and change temperatures as desired. The 23-inch Keij Kamado complete features a quality sturdy base with good casters, 2 of which have brakes to secure it. The side shelves give you plenty of workspace while barbecuing and fold away when not needed. At the bottom of these side shelves are mounted hooks from which you can hang your tools. The base and hinge mechanism are made of high-gauge powder-coated steel, and the suspension ensures that the dome is easy to open but also seals very tightly, thanks in part to the fiberglass seal. You can easily add smoked wood to the front of the kamado without having to open the dome and therefore no heat is lost while barbecuing. Through the included smoking wood tray, it is also easy to deposit in the center of the fire bowl. The 23-inch Keij kamado is a very common size, so you can find many accessories for it to make the most of your dishes. Fortunately, we have a great deal already included for you such as; Divide and Conquer 23inch for direct and indirect grilling, a rain cover so it can handle the weather even better, Roasting tongs to be able to pick up your grills when they are hot and a 3Kg bag of Charcoal and 1.4kg of Smoking Wood chunks so you can get started right away!


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Additional information

Aantal personen

9 – 13 personen

Size Kamado

XL (23")






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