NOSKOS – The Original Barbecue Sauce.


Sauces! The NOSKOS – The Original Barbecue Sauce is a sweet, spicy sauce with enough spice to make it exciting! The Sauce comes out best on Spareribs, Pulled Pork, Chicken or Sausage! But certainly doesn’t look out of place on a delicious burger or next to a plate of fries either!

Key points:

  • Perfect for Spareribs, Pulled Pork, Chicken
  • For both hot and cold application
  • 500ML of delicious spread!

The Noskos Original Barbecue sauce has the following ingredients:

  • Sugar, tomato concentrate, cider vinegar (contains SULFIET), vinegar, malt vinegar (contains GERST), water, sea salt, invert sugar syrup, herbs, spices, garlic, molasses, natural flavoring, salt, food acid E270, coloring E150d, ANSJOVIS, tamarind extract, onion, flavors

Attention, allergens!!!

  • Sulfite
    • Barley
      • Anchovies
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Noskos is known for his YouTube Channel and BBQ dishes site BBQ-NL, among other things. This Barbecue connoisseur has created ready-made rubs for a number of dishes based on years of testing and trial! His rubs and sauces thus perfectly complement the dishes they are made for and always compliment the dish without overpowering it!

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