PiRo – JB Edition Large – Rotisserie/Pizza oven


The JB Edition Large from PiRo is, in our opinion, the best rotisserie/pizza oven for your the KamadoJoe Classic I, II and III, the Grizzly Large and the Bastard Large! As a rotisserie, the PiRo gives you the ability to prepare delicious dishes slowly rotating for even cooking, think, for example, a gyros from the spit or picanha steaks from the spit. With the addition of a flat-rack or basket, for example, you can also grill fresh French fries, cook vegetables or make delicious chicken wings on your kamado! In addition, the Piro can be used as a pizza oven, the triangle insert allows you to place your pizza stone at the right height in your kamado and bake the most delicious pizzas at home!

The JB Edition has a “goggle” design on the front so the hatch can open without hitting the lock mechanism! In addition, it is thinner at the back to work with the hinges of the aforementioned kamados!

The glass hatch ensures that you can keep an eye on your dish at all times and that you can easily slide your pizzas in and out, for example! The glass is made of tempered borosilicate glass with a thickness of 5mm, which is heat-resistant up to 600°C. It is removable so you can easily clean it!

The housing of the Piro is made almost entirely of cast aluminum finished with spray paint with heat resistance up to 600°C, the remaining sheet metal parts of 2mm thick stainless steel. The rotisserie operates on 220/240V. This combination of parts makes the Piro an absolute quality topper!

Key points

  • Rotisserie AND Pizza oven in one!
  • Glass tilt door to keep an eye on your dish and place your pizzas through it
  • Top quality!
  • Made Kamado Joe Classic I,II,III, the Grizzly, the Obelix Large and Bastard large (or other 21″ kamados with a lock mechanism!)
  • Don’t you have a lock mechanism? Then check out the PiRo Original Large!


Note; when first used, remove protective film from stainless steel and “bake in” for one hour at 200°C – This allows the coating to achieve optimal hardness and protection!

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Size Kamado

Large (21")

Suitable for

Bastard Large


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