Pizza Stone Small (26cm)


A pizza stone is an ideal addition to your kamado and helps you bake the tastiest pizzas with the crustiest base! We recommend either placing the pizza stone on your grid with your heat deflector underneath, or directly on your platesetter/heat deflector so that you grill ‘double indirectly’. This way, the heat from the coals does not reach the pizza stone directly and you get a deliciously crispy base without burning! Do not place it directly over the coals!

Fire up your kamado to 250-350 degrees and place the stone, let it heat up for 15 minutes, then slide your pizza on top and wait about 7 minutes – enjoy!

Key points:

  • Made for a 14″ or 15″ kamado
  • Deliciously crispy pizza crust!
  • 26CM Diameter

This stone is also available in a priced bundle with pizza scoop!

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Pizza stone kamado

Looking for a different size Pizza Stone?

For a 15″ Compact kamado, there is the 29.5CM Pizza Stone.

For an 18″ Medium Kamado, there is the 36.5CM Pizza Stone.

For a 21″ Large kamado, there is the 38CM Pizza Stone

For a 23 “XL Kamado, there is the 42CM pizza stone.


Look here for a platesetter or divide and conquer!

Want to add extra smoke flavour to your Pizza? Then use the Black Ranch Quebracho charcoal.

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Suitable for

Compact (15")


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