Pizza Stone XL “23 with Pizza Shovel – Pizza Bundle


Pizza bundle- Pizza stone 42cm – Pizza shovel

This complete pizza kit ensures you have everything you need to make the tastiest pizzas on your Kamado! This set is suitable for an XL 23″ Kamado! The pizza stone is an essential addition to your kamado for baking pizza, and the pizza scoop makes placing and removing the pizza from your kamado a breeze! The handle unscrews from the blade, which makes storage a lot easier!

With the Pizza Stone, you can easily convert the Kamado into a pizza oven. It has a diameter of 42cm and is made of thick ceramic, which gives a delicious taste like an Italian stone oven. Use the Pizza Stone in conjunction with a plate setter or divide and conquer so that it sits indirectly over the hot charcoal. Make sure your Kamado is around 250 degrees and then place the pizza stone so it can heat up for 15 minutes. Before putting the pizza on top, sprinkle some flour on the Pizza Stone so the pizza doesn’t stick and wait about 7/8 minutes for your pizza to be ready!

A pizza scoop is then essential to avoid burning your hands when taking out the pizza. Also, placing the pizza in the kamado is a lot easier to do with this pizza scoop. The pizza scoop is suitable for both small and large pizzas and, of course, can also be used in pizza ovens.

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Suitable for

Large (21"), Extra Large (23"), XXL (25")

Type accessoire

Pizzaschep, Pizzasteen


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