Rock’N’Rubs – Gift Bundle – 3 pieces – 10% off


The Rock’N’Rubs gift bundle is always a great gift to give! Compose your choice of 3 flavours of Rock’N’Rubs, get 10% stacking discount ánd they come in a gift box!

The Rock’N’Rubs flavours are;

Don’t cry for me Argentina

Don’t cry for me, Argentina! The truth is I alway RUB you…!  With the Rock’N’Rubs rub Don’t Cry For me Argentina, you can easily make your own Chimichurri at home! This dry base can be transformed in no time into the perfect South American seasoning sauce/marinade for Steaks, Beef/Beef, fish, poultry and vegetables! Swell a tablespoon of Don’t Cry for me Argentina with a tablespoon of lukewarm water, then mix with 3 tablespoons of good olive oil and 1 tablespoon of red wine (vinegar). Furthermore, the Chimichurri can be supplemented to taste with fresh herbs, onions, chilli or garlic!

More than a Whisky

Whisky and American BBQ really do literally go hand in hand! The ideal flavour combinations and the complements that one does to the other, Whisky is becoming the blood of the American BBQ grenade! In this More than a Whisky dry rub from Rock’N’Rubs, the flavours of Whisky and BBQ are wonderfully brought together, perfect for on spare ribs, Pulled Pork, Roast beef, Beef brisket, Dutch Oven stews and anything else that goes well with Whisky!

Paradise city

Take me down to the Paradise City, where the grass is Green and the RUB is pretty! The Paradise City rub from Rock’N’Rubs is a heavenly tasty Mediterranean rub with flavours including tomatoes and lavender! This rub pairs wonderfully with pork, fish, seafood, poultry and grilled vegetables!

Rub me like a Hurricane

Here i am -tada tadu – RUB me like a Hurricane! The Rock’N’Rubs Rub me like a Hurricane is a turbulent blend of smoked spicy chilli and roasted onions! The taste of the Wild West! Delicious on poultry, spare ribs, pork and in stews!

Smells like Gin Spirit

With the lights out, it’s less dangerous! Here we are now, entertain us! Smells like Gin Spirit from Rock’N’Rubs! The absolute BBQ nirvana through a combination of juniper, lemon, herbs, pepper and gin! Delicious on pork, steak, poultry and vegetables!

Magic Dust

The Magic Dust rub from Rock’N’Rubs is an enchanting all-round BBQ rub that perfectly matches almost all flavours! Enchants Pork, Beef and Poultry!

Sweet Rub of mine

Ooooh-oh-oh Sweet Rub of Mine! The Sweet Rub of Mine from Rock’N’Rubs is a real Texas-style sweet rub with a spicy edge! The rub caramelises wonderfully during low and slow cooking which brings out the flavour even better! Delicious for Pulled Pork, Spareribs, Brisket and poultry!

We will Rub you

We will, We will, RUB YOU! Rock’N’Rubs’ We Will Rub You is a delicious spice mix with the flavours of smoked paprika and chilli. Pamper your dish and give them a delicious rub massage! Delicious on Spareribs, Pulled Pork, roast pork, poultry and stews!

Truffle Shuffle

Do the Truffle shuffle! The Truffle Shuffle rub from Rock’N’Rubs is a deliciously full flavouring made from various herbs, porcini mushrooms and summer truffles (Italian; Scorzone)! The rub goes great on fish and seafood, poultry, pork, beef (beef) and game! The rub can also be used to season pasta, mashed potatoes, vegetables or even to make a grill butter for your steaks!

Tequila Sunrise!

Tequila Sunrise! A summer sunrise with a fresh kick! Enjoy the taste of real Tequila, orange, herbs and spices! The sun in your dish, almost literally! Rock’Rubs’ Tequila Sunrise rub brings happy hour to your grill! This dry rub pairs wonderfully with poultry, pork, fish/seafood and vegetables! The rub can also be used for dips and sauces,

Rubway to Heaven

The Rubway to Heaven from Rock’Rubs brings you the heavenly flavours of spices and curry that boost any dish! Designed for Poultry, Pork, Stews (Dutch Oven) and even vegetables!

Rumshine Raggae

Rumshine, Rumshine Raggae…! Let the good vibes, get a lot stronger…! Yah man! Traditional Jamaican Jerk rub with rum! A delicious Caribbean sunset on the beach flavour for your dish, made with spices and chilli! This rub matches great with pork (pork jerk!), poultry, fish and vegetables! Also suitable to make a dipping sauce with!

Whisky in the Jar

Whack for my daddy, oh yeah, There’s whiskey in the jar, oh! BBQ and Whisky is always a golden combination! The Whisky in the Jar Rub from Rock’N’Rubs is a deliciously smoky and spicy rub with whisky peppers and smoked paprika! A perfect match for steaks, beef, poultry and even as a seasoning for the table!

Thunder Rub

The ThunderRub from Rock’N’Rubs will set you and your dish on fire! Made with habanero, jalapeño, coriander and allspice, this rub is a blaze! Goes great with poultry, fish, pork and chilli dishes!

The winner Steaks it all

Everything you need for a Winner steak: Fine salt flakes, aromatic Tellicherry pepper, green pepper, garlic and chilli.
Fines not only all types of steaks, but also burgers, poultry, fish, grilled vegetables and much more without masking the flavour.
Simply sprinkle over the grilled product before grilling or before refining (at high grill temperatures).

Korn to Rock

Old School corn brandy meets BBQ Rub! Heydt’s barrel-aged “1860” corn brandy gives the classic BBQ Rub a tasty depth.
Perfect for spare ribs, pulled pork, Dutch oven stews, poultry and grilled vegetables.


Goose n’ Roses is delicious with goose, duck or turkey, chicken or even roast pork and baked ham, mince dishes and white fish.
The perfectly balanced spice blend with jne rose petals for that extra kick. Made for goose and other festive roasts, but also tastes great the rest of the year.

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