Rock’N’Rubs – More than a Whisky


Whisky and American BBQ really do literally go hand in hand! The ideal flavour combinations and the complements one does to the other, Whisky is becoming the blood of the American BBQ border famed! In this More than a Whisky dry rub from Rock’N’Rubs, the flavours of Whisky and BBQ are wonderfully brought together, perfect for on spare ribs, Pulled Pork, Roast beef, Beef brisket, Dutch Oven stews and anything else that goes well with Whisky!

Key points;

– Contents 130 grams
– Contains Whiskey!
– Vegetarian and Vegan
– Without the addition of preservatives and flavour enhancers
– Ingredients: spices (black pepper, paprika, chilli powder), sea salt, garlic granules, cane sugar, 6.5% Whiskey, onions.
– Keep cool, dry, dark and sealed

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Delicious with

Pulled Pork, Rund, Spareribs, Steak, Stoofpot


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