Rotisserie – Large 23″ Kamado


The 23″ Large Rotisserie from Keij is a super addition for your Kamado. You place the powder-coated steel ring on the kanado and because of the sloping end in it, your lid connects perfectly to it so you get an airflow like normal in your kamado! The spit itself is made of stainless steel so it can withstand any meat juices and is easy to clean. The motor works on 230V, so it can just be plugged into the wall socket and also very quiet!


The rotisserie comes standard with a 4-prong clamp but is also wish expandable with other headpieces such as a basket or a 3-prong tray that can rotate! Ideal dishes for the rotiserrie are for example (whole) chicken, kebab, picanha pieces, fish or just delicious vegetables, the possibilities are endless!


Key points;

  • Easy to place and use
  • Made for a 23″ Large kamado
  • Operates on 230V and is whisper quiet
  • Dimensions: Outside diameter 59cm diameter, inside diameter 52cm.
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