Smokin’ Flavors – Butcher Paper – Roll (61cm x 45.7m)


Opinions can sure be divided on how Americans do things sometimes but one thing we have to give them; they can BBQ! Part of the delicious flavors they manage to extract from their dishes is the Butcher Paper. This special paper comes straight from the USA and works as a substitute for aluminum foil when wrapping your low&slow dish. It’ss big advantage is that it breathes. This breathing allows your dish to cook through perfectly AND you can keep your hard-earned “bark” on your product. With Alu foil you create a steam chamber which is good for raising the core temperature of your dish, however, the moist steam also makes your bark softer. Butcher Paper allows your dish to retain the moisture but allows the steam to dissipate, resulting in a much better end result! The Butcher paper is ideal for Belly Bacon, Pulled Pork and Brisket!

Key points

  • 61 CM Wide
  • 45.7M long
  • Ideal for packing low&slow dishes
  • Preserves your bark and the moisture in your dish!
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Is a full roll perhaps too much and would you rather try the Butcher Paper in a slightly smaller size? Then check out our Butcher paper 10 Sheets.


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