Smokin’ Flavours – Smokechunks Whisky barrels – 1Kg


Those who want to impart a powerful flavor to their dish can use the Smokin’ Flavors Smokechunks Whisky barrels very well for that purpose! This smoking wood is perfect for smoking lamb, beef, chicken and cheese. This smoking wood is made from oak barrels in which whiskey has aged for years. You also immediately smell a strong whiskey scent when you open the bag. With a few of these chunks you can easily smoke for several hours; ideal for slow-cooking sessions! You can throw the chunks directly dry with the coals and then give off a delicious flavor to your food.

Benefits of Smoke Chunks Whisky

  • Delicious with lamb, beef, chicken or cheese.
  • Can just be thrown dry between your coals
  • Ideal for a slow-cooking session
  • Strong whiskey flavor and aroma
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Smokin’ Flavors

Smoked wood from Smokin’ Flavours is always chosen and tested with the utmost care to ensure that dishes are elevated to a higher dish. All of Smokin’ Flavours’ products are completely free of chemicals and of very high quality. By continuously developing and testing with flavor combinations, they keep coming up with new smoked woods. Their passion, then, is not for nothing: “Intense desire for the perfect taste.

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Smokin' Flavours


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