Smokin’ Flavours – Discount Bundle – 2 x Quebracho charcoal


Perfect DEAL for the big players: Two bags (20KG) of Quebracho charcoal from Smokin’ Flavours.

The Quebracho is the hardest charcoal variety available on the market. It is prefect for Low & Slow and is also called low&slow champion.

Quebracho comes from South America and really adds an extra smoky flavour to the product.

Key points:
-Stays burning very long
-Contains 10kg handheld bag
-Excellent for a low & slow barbecue session
-Smoky flavour palette!

Smoking flavours is known for being naturally produced products. So no oil or other chemicals are used in the product of this Quebracho.

Not in stock? Look for Quebracho from other brands!

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Smokin’ Flavours

Smoked wood and charcoal from Smokin’ Flavours is always chosen and tested with the utmost care to ensure that dishes are taken to the next level. All Smokin’ Flavours products are completely free of chemicals and of very high quality. By continuously developing and testing flavour combinations, they keep coming up with new smoked woods. Their passion is therefore not for nothing: ‘Intense desire for the perfect flavour’.

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