Smokin’ Flavours – Fire lighters – 1Kg


Fire Lighters 1Kg

These Ecological Firelighters are ideal for lighting your Kamado. They are almost completely odorless and odorless and therefore do not affect the taste or smell of your dish at all! The small layer of wax allows them to burn long and fiercely to easily and quickly ignite your charcoal.

Place your charcoal in your kamado and add 2-3 firelighters to it. Turn the Firelighters slightly apart so they have a slightly larger surface area and place them in between the coals. After this, place some blocks of charcoal over the Firelighters to create a kind of mini campfire and allow the charcoal to catch fire properly. Should it start smoking a lot there is a chance that the flame of the Firelighter is extinguishing and you will have to put a little less charcoal on the Firelighter for more oxygen at the flame. This is the quickest way to get your bbq on! The burning time of the Firelighters is about 7-8 minutes. One package contains approximately 70 lighters.

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