Smokin’ Flavours – Smoke Chunks Red Wine Barrels – 1KG


The Smokin’ Flavours Smokchunks Red Wine Barrels are perfect to pair with Beef or Pork. The easy thing about smoke chunks is that you can simply throw them dry between your charcoal. Then the chunks give off smoke for an extended period of time to give your dish a delicious extra dimension of flavour. When you think of Smoke Chunks Red Wine Barrels, think of a fruity, slightly full-bodied, sweet smell and taste of red wine. In addition, a full-bodied solid oak flavour is released from the cask. These Smokin’ Flavours smoke chunks Red Wine Barrels come in a 1kg bag. Just a few chunks are enough for a slow-cooking session. And should it still be too little, you can easily add new chunks to your coals!

Benefits of Rookchunks Red Wine Barrels

  • Delicious with beef or pork.
  • Can just be thrown dry between your coals
  • Ideal for a slow-cooking session
  • Full-bodied fruity wine flavour with firm oak tones
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Smokin’ Flavours

Smoked wood from Smokin’ Flavours is always chosen and tested with the utmost care to ensure that dishes are taken to the next level. All Smokin’ Flavours products are completely free of chemicals and of very high quality. By continuously developing and testing flavour combinations, they keep coming up with new smoked woods. Their passion is therefore not for nothing: ‘Intense desire for the perfect flavour’.

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