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One of the many advantages of a kamado is its ability to smoke food. Consider, for example, a nice piece of smoked salmon. To smoke this in a perfect way, the use of a smoking board is recommended. A Smokin’ Flavours cedar smoking board ensures that your food is protected from direct heat while still being smoked and the flavors of the cedar wood soak into your dish. This gives a wonderful flavor to your dish without making your food dry. Smokin’ Flavours’ Cedarwood smoking boards are packed in pairs, so you can also experiment with smoking a different piece of meat or fish.

Benefits of cedar smoking boards

  • Perfect for smoking fish
  • Protects your dish from direct heat when smoking
  • Dimensions: 30CM long, 15CM wide
  • With a ceramic barbecue, you don’t need to soak the board in water first. With a metal barbecue, yes. Then soak this in water for 30 minutes in advance before putting it on the barbecue.
  • Sweet cedar flavor
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Smokin’ Flavors

Smoked wood from Smokin’ Flavours is always chosen and tested with the utmost care to ensure that dishes are elevated to a higher dish. All of Smokin’ Flavours’ products are completely free of chemicals and of very high quality. By continuously developing and testing with flavor combinations, they keep coming up with new smoked woods. Their passion, then, is not for nothing: “Intense desire for the perfect taste.

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