Smokin’ Flavours – Smoking Chips Oak – 1700ML


Want to add a delicious smoke flavor to your dish? Then choose to add smoke chips to your coals. You can use these smoke chips in a Smoker Box or use them in the Smoking Wood drawer of the Keij Kamado to smoke your dish hot. You fill this Smoker Box with the desired amount of smoke chips (a good handful is often enough) and place in the bottom of your Kamado between the coals. Then the heat from the coals will do its job and generate the smoke. After this, place your dish on the Kamado Bbq and continue grilling!

Flavor – Oak

  • All-rounder – fairly neutral smoke flavor
  • Slightly spicy
  • Colors fish beautifully red/brown!

Perfect for;

  • Pig
  • Beef
  • Fish
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