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The Bastard Classic Medium Complete is the ideal size kamado and a high-quality topper! Bastard kamados are beacons of quality and are the best Dutch kamados available. The Classic Medium Complete is equipped with everything you could need while grilling and is large enough to easily feed up to 10 people! It has two thick stainless steel half-moon grids with a combined diameter of 42CM and comes standard with, among other things, a multi-level cooking system. This allows you to, for example, grill half direct/half indirect with different dishes/preparations and also set different heights in the cooking system for the best end result of your dish! In addition, the Multilevel Cooking can be used upside down, making it a holder for a Wok or Dutch oven! A coal basket for easy adding of coals and improving the efficiency of your coals and an Ash-tray lifter that makes cleaning even easier. The thick cordierite ceramic ensures optimum heat retention and, combined with the cast iron precision top and stainless steel bottom vent, you have full control over the temperature!

The Fully Loaded version comes with  a Rain Cover to keep it dry, a Cast Iron Grid to prepare the most delicious steak with grill stripes, a One Minute Lighter to light your Bastard in no time, 10KG Marabu Charcoal and 1.5KG Smokechunks; in short, everything you could possibly need in one go!

Key points:

    • Tough glossy Black/Grey
    • 2022 Model (With multilevel cooking system)
    • Supplied as standard with;
      – 2 stainless steel Crescent Grids of 42CM diameter in total (6mm thick – extra sturdy)
      – Multi-level Cooking system with heat deflector stones
      – Ash-tray lifter
      – Cast-iron Topvent
      – Bamboo Handles
      – High-quality black steel base
    • Lifetime warranty on the ceramic!
    • Free home delivery on a day that suits you!
    • Fully loaded addition;
      – The Bastard – Medium Rain Cover
      – The Bastard – Medium Cast Iron Grid
      – The Bastard – One Minute Lighter
      – 10KG Smokin’ Flavours Marabu Charcoal
      – 1.5Kg Smokin’ Flavours Smoking Chunks

The Bastard Classic basic is of course also available!

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The Bastard Classic Medium Complete

This Bastard Classic with a grid diameter of 42CM can easily feed up to 10 people in one grilling session. The Multi-level cooking system included allows direct and indirect grilling. The precision Topvent allows you to control and maintain the temperature very precisely!

The Bastard was born from a love of authentic flavours and design.
So only the finest materials are used for The Bastard.

An age-old method of cooking but refined by the Dutch. The Bastard is the Dutch pride and joy when it comes to barbecues.
We know better than anyone that the kamado must not only be beautiful, but also efficient and functional.
With The Bastard, everything has been taken into account. It does what it needs to do, and is the very best at it.

The Bastard has been designed using the finest materials.
It is made of the special cordierite ceramic, which makes it resistant to very high temperatures.
The insulating ceramic inner lining keeps the temperature inside The Bastard constant.
This also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Roasting, baking, smoking and stewing, anything is possible with The Bastard.
Experience many different cooking techniques and prepare the tastiest dishes in no time.
This makes The Bastard the most versatile barbecue of the moment.
And, also important , The Bastard is a loyal companion that loves to surprise and inform you about the tastiest recipes and support you in the most beautiful and tasty creations.


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